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Freebie V2: Keiki Faces || Boy Blondie || Stickers 

Good evening, beautiful people. 🙂
I didn’t expect to be back so soon with another printable… wait I lied. *the crowd gasps*
Today’s freebie was actually a special request…well, I may have lied again..
Here’s the truth… I offered to create these keiki (kid) faces for a fellow planning mama to resemble her son … & here they are.


Meet Boy Blondie. Boy Blondie, meet everyone here reading this. Each sad, happy, super happy face is roughly 1″ wide.

get your printable below!

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non-subscribers: you go here!

Few Simple Rules
  1. My printables are for personal use only.
    You may not sell designs.
    You may not alter any designs.
    You may not claim any designs as your own.
  2. No direct file sharing.
    Below each image file, I have the original blog posts linked. Please share this way.
    If sharing through Instagram, please give credit to @hernameisSavvy.
    I am on facebook & pinterest, as well.
  3. Lastly, smile & enjoy!! This printable was created to spread joy. A lot of hours & love are put in each design & I thank you for respecting my wishes.
  • If you have any further questions or requests, please comment below!!

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