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Freebie V5: Her Name Is Savvy Printable || Stickers


(if you’re interested in last Friday’s freebie, get your sticker paper ready &  click here!)

If you’re a part of Monica’s Marvelous Printables or Happy Planners Society, you may be familiar with this little plumeria wearing girl pictured below.


Anyway, her name is Savvy & she was created to represent yours truly on social media. I’ll admit, she has better hair, skin, and brows than real life Savvy, but I love her… and


& because of all of your aloha & kind words… I have sticker versions for you, today!! yay 🙂

There are 49 braided brunettes per page & each Savvy is roughly 1″ wide.

Before I post the link, I’d like to just say THANK YOU so much for visiting my new space here. I’d really appreciate it if you went to my home page (or kept scrolling down) to subscribed to my blog. Your support really means a lot to me & I love spreading joy to you through my freebies. Thank you, thank you!

get your printable below!

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non-subscribers: you go here!

Few Simple Rules
  1. My printables are for personal use only.
    You may not sell designs.
    You may not alter any designs.
    You may not claim any designs as your own.
  2. No direct file sharing.
    Below each image file, I have the original blog posts linked. Please share this way.
    If sharing through Instagram, please give credit to @hernameisSavvy.
    I am on facebook & pinterest, as well.
  3. Lastly, smile & enjoy!! This printable was created to spread joy. A lot of hours & love are put in each design & I thank you for respecting my wishes.
  • If you have any further questions or requests, please comment below!!

7 thoughts on “Freebie V5: Her Name Is Savvy Printable || Stickers

  1. you are very talented and sweet thgank you for sharing its hard on stay at home moms tight budget!but i want to make my baby girls planner and mine lovely too!God bless!

    Liked by 1 person

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