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Hummus, I love you.

Once upon a time, (January 11, 2017) in a land not far away (a 15 minute drive.. not far at all) there was a girl (me!) whom tried hummus for the first time…….

Now,  I could hear the gasps of disbelief. Trust me, I couldn’t believe that I’ve been missing out on such deliciousness!!! Honestly, I probably would still be hummus-free if it weren’t for the local farmers market. It has been so long since our little family had been to the market, and that night, we went ROGUE. With cash in hand, we bought desserts, lumpia, poi, poke, pipikaula, HOT DOG ON A STICK (market is located at the mall)… and of course, a wonderful spicy jalapeno hummus. Ohh em gee…. ughhhhh it was love at first sample. I say “first” sample because I’m guilty of two rounds.

Unfortunately, I’m usually a very hangry woman.. who’ll shovel up food before snapping a beauty photo… so think of the spicy hummus as a mythical creature.. One day, I will get a pic of the magical chickpea concoction to share with you all.

Until then…….
here is my 2nd hummus purchase.

Cedar’s Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.

Being $5 less than the Farmers Market version, I figure it was worth trying.


& with a little dollop of sriracha mixed in, Cedar’s was worthy of being called…


I smothered it all over my fresh French bread & enjoyed every single veggie scoop of that guilt-free goodness..

Hummus, where have you been all my life??
I’m so in love.

Any recommendations?
I may be obsessed.
I may be lying.
I already am obsessed.

Goodnight ❤


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