Lifestyle · So Blessed Sundays

So Blessed Sundays v.1

With 11 minutes left of Sunday, I wanted to quickly share my blessings of the week.

  • My two little minis. They have so much love for each other. I can listen to them giggle together all day long.. I love you girls.
  • Today. Sunday. Spending time at the Farmers Market & getting to celebrate Chinese New Year.
  • Our neighbors. Yesterday we celebrated a neighborhood baby’s birthday. It was such a nice gathering.
  • My husband. It’s been an emotional week for me & he remained kind and calm.
  • 8PM. My babies go to bed & I get to unwind & relax with my tablet, hubby, and Netflix.
  • Couponing at target. They often have gift cards attached to weekly sales. I dug up a few gift cards and was able to buy a few little treats (haul coming up) for myself. Guilt free spending.

A short list for this tired mind.

I hope you all had a wonderful week.

❤ XO — goodnight, Sunday.


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