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Mommy Talk V1: Her Mommy.


I watch her play.
I watch her sleep.

I realize I sound like a huge stalker.
But hey…. I have rights to stare.

I’m her mommy

& what an amazing blessing that is. To be a mommy. Her mommy. I’ve said this before.. many MANY times before but I’m pretty sure this will be a pinch me moment that’ll last forever.

I am thankful to be there through her joys.
All her teeth grinning, crazy laughter happiness.


…..through her sadness & her fear.


….and her madness. When she’s hangry or tired. Oh this girl can drive me crazy with that moodiness. Why? Oh, because I’m the exact same way.


She’s a little fournado. A feisty little thing full of spunk.
She’s silly.. very, very silly.
Her laugh is contagious… and her cackle is quite horrifying.

But her smile… it’s connected to my heart. It has power to turn my joys into tears. Ask her what makes her beautiful. She’ll tell you it’s her kind heart. She really is a sweet soul.

Thank you life for gifting me with my best friend.
5 years ago I would have never thought a love like this would be possible.
With my Naia, her sister, and their papa… my heart is full.

Thank you, Life, for allowing me to be a mommy.

Her Mommy.



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