About Me

Who Am I?
*I am a girl who loves my island. I am a girl who loves the sea….* (You watched Moana, right?)….anywhooo

Hello hello!!
My name is Savvy and I am the little lady behind http://www.hernameissavvy.com. I was born and raised on the island of Hawaii and have been living the island life ever since. As a kid I was always drawing, and quite frankly, I still revolve my hobbies around anything artsy fartsy. I’m that person who LOVES craft fairs but leaves without buying anything (except food) because I’d want to make everything myself.

SONY DSCLife has blessed me with two tiny beauties whom are my greatest joy in life. Mommyhood has given me a more positive outlook on the woman that I want to be.  As everyone, I have flaws but my girls definitely fuel me to be strong and keep my heart golden through sunshine and rain.

And amongst the high amounts of estrogen sits my husband. I never knew what I wanted to do in life aside from find my happily ever after. I’m a hopeless romantic who always dreamt of true love &  I’ve experienced what feels like every high & low of the heart. Love is messy. Marriage is messy.. but it’s sooooo beautiful. We just celebrated our 5th anniversary & I’m excited to see what else life has in store for us. He makes my heart smile & I’m very thankful for my Kealoha.

Extra fun facts about ME.   –

  • If something is pastel, gold, pink, sparkly, or polkadot I automatically believe I need it.
  • I love the #11
  •  Though my favorite animals are Belugas & Koalas, I have extreme respect and love for Cardinals.
  • I’m a lefty.
  • In high school, I was named “Best Personality” of my senior class.
  • I love office supplies.
  • My zodiac: Cancer & everything I read is spot on to my personality. YAY!
  • I’m learning to love who I am more and more everyday.

Why am I blogging?
As a stay at home mommy, my life is very routine. I make sure my husband, children, and home are good but I’ve been searching for a new challenge in life. One of my greatest missions is to spread joy. Whether it’s through warm smiles, kind words or sharing, if I’m able to touch one soul, it fills my cup. I’ve created this space to do exactly that, share my joys. My blog is dedicated to remind you all that dreams can come true.. yours, too. With a little courage you can have everything you’ve dreamed of. I dream of being a smile maker & I’m very hopeful I can do just that. ❤ Joys are meant to be shared & I thank you for joining me on this new adventure of web life. .

What will I blog?
I am a self-proclaimed scatterbrain and I love everyyyything. Oh, I don’t love olives, or snails, or feeling hot. So, I guess I don’t love everything. But my blog will house all of the many things that I do love. Here you’ll find family adventure, mommy thoughts, food, beauty, and my most favorite and creative outlet….. there’ll be weekly designs free for you to download 🙂 Yay!! So who’s that girl that blogs about A-Z things? Oh…. her name is Savvy. *wink*


Again, thank you so much for being here!!! 🙂
Many blessings, XO — Savvy