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Freebie V13. – Aloha Friday Donuts

Happy ALOHA Friday!! My goodness, May is coming to an end in a short few weeks. Can you believe it? My little family and I are counting down the days until the community pool opens & that is so FOREIGN to us, because pool days were all year round in Hawaii. …… and because I constantly… Continue reading Freebie V13. – Aloha Friday Donuts


Freebie V12. Taco’Bout Donkeys Stickers

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Happy Boys Day!! It’s May 5th & I am FINALLY back with a new freebie!! Yay!! πŸ˜¬πŸ€— Omgoodness, where have I been?!! Well, in case you were, or weren’t, wondering about my whereabouts.. I’m going to share it all anyway. Teehee. – my little ‘Ohana have officially been living in the… Continue reading Freebie V12. Taco’Bout Donkeys Stickers

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Freebie V11: Fainting Goats || stickers

Happy Aloha Saturday, guys! Is that a thing?? Of COURSE!!! πŸ™‚ Anyway….. though many of you probably haven’t noticed I’ve been gone for quite some time!! Our little family made a huuuge move from Hawaii to the East Coast!! Actually, a whole seven days ago, we were all sleeping on a plane. Now look at… Continue reading Freebie V11: Fainting Goats || stickers

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Freebie V10: Cookie Scouts || stickers

Happy Happy Friday! I’m so excited to be sharing this new printable with you!! Grab your cup of milk & get ready for this. Meet The Cookie Scouts A fellow planning mama mentioned that it is the 100th Anniversary for Girl Scouts & I was sooo excited to create something to help decorate her planner…And… Continue reading Freebie V10: Cookie Scouts || stickers

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Freebie V9: Mermaid Monday || Stickers

Hello hello!! πŸ™‚ It’s Monday & here on hernameisSavvy, it is…. Mermaid Monday! While decluttering my craft room, I came across a sketch & felt the need to recreate it. and here she is !!! Meet Monday. Yep… that’s about as creative as it gets. πŸ™‚ get your printable below! email subscribers: this way! non-subscribers:… Continue reading Freebie V9: Mermaid Monday || Stickers

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Freebie V8: His Name Is James || Stickers

EDIT* — 8:40PM — I was informed I uploaded the wrong file!! It’s now updated with stickers!! Happy Thursday, friends!!!! You ever have those days where wit just can’t find you? No matter how hard you think… nothing clever comes to mind? I suppose my brain is on vacation rightΒ  meow because I am really… Continue reading Freebie V8: His Name Is James || Stickers

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Freebie V7: Her Name Is Jennie || stickers

Hello hello & happy Sunday!! πŸ™‚ How was your weekend? Good? Great? Windy? I said windy because Saturday has been a really blustery day. Trashcans tumbled in the streets, soups were eaten, sweaters and pants were put on…. it definitely appeared to be winter in Hawaii! Now, I should save my rambling for another post,… Continue reading Freebie V7: Her Name Is Jennie || stickers