Freebie Garden

Hello & welcome to my Freebie Garden!! Does that sound magical?? I was hoping my unicorn could add a dash of enchantment…. Anyway… a HUGE thank you for subscribing!! You now have complete access to every single printable I share here on HNIS!!

It really means a lot to have you here supporting my passions.
Just like a garden, I plant little seeds of creativity. With a lot of care & aloha, I watch them grow in hopes they can add beauty to your life. These drawings are my flowers.

This is my growing garden…. this is my joy.

Few Simple Rules
  1. My printables are for  personal use only.
    You may not sell designs.
    You may not alter any designs.
    You may not claim any designs as your own.
  2. No direct file sharing.
    Below each image file, I have the original blog posts linked. Please share this way.
    If sharing through Instagram, please give credit to @hernameisSavvy.
    I am on facebook & pinterest, as well.
  3. Lastly, smile & enjoy!! This garden was created to spread joy. A lot of hours & love are put in each design & I thank you for respecting my wishes.

1485768322204.jpgV13 – Aloha Friday Donuts

1485768322204.jpgV12 – Taco Bout Donkeys

1485768322204.jpgV11 – Fainting Goats

1485768322204.jpgV10 – Cookie Scouts

1485768322204.jpgV9 – Mermaid Monday

1485768322204.jpgV8 – His Name Is James

1485768322204.jpgV7 – Her Name Is Jennie

1485768322204.jpgV6 – Keiki Faces: Cindy B

1485768322204.jpgV5- Her Name Is Savvy

1485768322204.jpgV4 – Farmers Market Totes

1485768322204.jpgV3 – It’s Aloha Friday Pineapples

1485768322204.jpgV2 – Keiki Faces: Boy Blondie

1485768322204.jpgV1 – Keiki Faces: Brunette Curls