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Freebie V9: Mermaid Monday || Stickers

Hello hello!! πŸ™‚ It’s Monday & here on hernameisSavvy, it is…. Mermaid Monday! While decluttering my craft room, I came across a sketch & felt the need to recreate it. and here she is !!! Meet Monday. Yep… that’s about as creative as it gets. πŸ™‚ get your printable below! email subscribers: this way! non-subscribers:… Continue reading Freebie V9: Mermaid Monday || Stickers

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So Blessed Sundays v.1

With 11 minutes left of Sunday, I wanted to quickly share my blessings of the week. My two little minis. They have so much love for each other. I can listen to them giggle together all day long.. I love you girls. Today. Sunday. Spending time at the Farmers Market & getting to celebrate Chinese… Continue reading So Blessed Sundays v.1

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Freebie V8: His Name Is James || Stickers

EDIT* — 8:40PM — I was informed I uploaded the wrong file!! It’s now updated with stickers!! Happy Thursday, friends!!!! You ever have those days where wit just can’t find you? No matter how hard you think… nothing clever comes to mind? I suppose my brain is on vacation rightΒ  meow because I am really… Continue reading Freebie V8: His Name Is James || Stickers

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Hummus, I love you.

Once upon a time, (January 11, 2017) in a land not far away (a 15 minute drive.. not far at all) there was a girl (me!) whom tried hummus for the first time……. Now,Β  I could hear the gasps of disbelief. Trust me,Β I couldn’t believe that I’ve been missing out on such deliciousness!!! Honestly, I… Continue reading Hummus, I love you.

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Freebie V7: Her Name Is Jennie || stickers

Hello hello & happy Sunday!! πŸ™‚ How was your weekend? Good? Great? Windy? I said windy because Saturday has been a really blustery day. Trashcans tumbled in the streets, soups were eaten, sweaters and pants were put on…. it definitely appeared to be winter in Hawaii! Now, I should save my rambling for another post,… Continue reading Freebie V7: Her Name Is Jennie || stickers

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Freebie V6: Keiki Faces Cindy B || Stickers

Happy Saturday, everyone!!! πŸ™‚ I’m back with another set of Keiki Faces!! Little blondies have been requested and today I present to you Cindy B! Can you guess how she her came about??…Well, there was once a story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls… are you singing yet? If… Continue reading Freebie V6: Keiki Faces Cindy B || Stickers

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Freebie V5: Her Name Is Savvy Printable || Stickers

HAPPY ALOHA FRIDAY, EVERYONE!! ❀ (if you’re interested in lastΒ Friday’s freebie, get your sticker paper ready & Β click here!) If you’re a part of Monica’s Marvelous PrintablesΒ or Happy Planners Society, you may be familiar with this little plumeria wearing girl pictured below. Anyway, her name is Savvy & she was created to represent yours truly… Continue reading Freebie V5: Her Name Is Savvy Printable || Stickers