Shine Bright

Happy Aloha Friday, everyone!! It’s been a few months since I’ve posted, but I do have a new group of girls to share. Her name is Mahina & she comes in 3 different skin tones, plus a colorless beauty available for your own creativity. She was stemmed from a lot of love during a really… Continue reading Shine Bright

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Freebie V13. – Aloha Friday Donuts

Happy ALOHA Friday!! My goodness, May is coming to an end in a short few weeks. Can you believe it? My little family and I are counting down the days until the community pool opens & that is so FOREIGN to us, because pool days were all year round in Hawaii. …… and because I constantly… Continue reading Freebie V13. – Aloha Friday Donuts


Freebie V12. Taco’Bout Donkeys Stickers

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Happy Boys Day!! It’s May 5th & I am FINALLY back with a new freebie!! Yay!! πŸ˜¬πŸ€— Omgoodness, where have I been?!! Well, in case you were, or weren’t, wondering about my whereabouts.. I’m going to share it all anyway. Teehee. – my little ‘Ohana have officially been living in the… Continue reading Freebie V12. Taco’Bout Donkeys Stickers

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Freebie V11: Fainting Goats || stickers

Happy Aloha Saturday, guys! Is that a thing?? Of COURSE!!! πŸ™‚ Anyway….. though many of you probably haven’t noticed I’ve been gone for quite some time!! Our little family made a huuuge move from Hawaii to the East Coast!! Actually, a whole seven days ago, we were all sleeping on a plane. Now look at… Continue reading Freebie V11: Fainting Goats || stickers

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Freebie V10: Cookie Scouts || stickers

Happy Happy Friday! I’m so excited to be sharing this new printable with you!! Grab your cup of milk & get ready for this. Meet The Cookie Scouts A fellow planning mama mentioned that it is the 100th Anniversary for Girl Scouts & I was sooo excited to create something to help decorate her planner…And… Continue reading Freebie V10: Cookie Scouts || stickers

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Mommy Talk V1: Her Mommy.

I watch her play. I watch her sleep. I realize I sound likeΒ a huge stalker. But hey…. I have rights to stare. I’m her mommy & what an amazing blessing that is. To be a mommy. Her mommy. I’ve said this before.. many MANY times before but I’m pretty sure this will be a pinch… Continue reading Mommy Talk V1: Her Mommy.