Frequently Asked Shop Questions

Do you have any discount codes?
Upcoming sales will be announced on our social media platforms (instagram, facebook) Also keep a look out for any quick information located on the very top bar. <3 

Can you combine orders?
Unfortunately this is something we aren't offering right now. 

Can I get a refund/exchange?
Unfortunately this is something we aren't offering at the moment. 

What is your shipping and processing times?
Purchases ship between 1-3 weeks. Please keep in mind the additional days of packages being in transit both locally (USA) & Internationally. 
If any changes occur, I will make an announcement. 

Do you offer letter mail for US & International Orders?
Yes. We offer letter mail but please keep in mind that purchases sent through letter mail do not offer tracking. 

Who do I contact if our package tracking isn't updating?
Once I have shipped your packages, it is out of my control. 
I recommend presenting your tracking number and following up with USPS via website (Contact Us | USPS) or visiting your local post office. <3 

Do you offer custom designs?
This is something I do, rarely. Announcements will be made on our social media platforms (instagram, facebook) if and when this is available. 

Do you offer commercial licensing for your work?
Although this is something I've offered in the past, all future designs will not have this option. 

*For any further questions, please contact us! <3 Thank you!