Meet The Artist Behind hernameisSavvy

Hiiii!!! First, to give you a big visual, know that I am squealing & wiggling around in my chair typing this out to you!! I am so happy that you have found your way here & I really hope you leave my page with a smile. Aside from my business, I wanted to make this space cozy & introduce myself & the story of my shop. <3 
My name is Savannah & I am the creator of  Her Name Is Savvy!!

I am typing this all with the biggest smile on my face because I am excited (and nervous) to introduce myself & my brand to you!  If you are looking for pastel cuteness, original art, & a mama who loves to inspire and empower, I’m your girl 😊

I am a small town girl who was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawai’i. I am a mommy of three & have been married to my hula loving hubby for 9 years now. Other than art, I enjoy bento making, singing, dancing, cloud gazing, and FOOD.

Growing up I was always drawing! I remember having huge pads of scratch paper, endless amounts of crayons, and pencil smudges on my hand (yes, she’s a lefty.) My love of art continued to grow as I tinkered with different materials. Sewing, painting, pottery, jewelry, nail art, poetry, videography…basically if it was anything creative, I wanted to learn it.

In 2016, I discovered the planner community and immediately felt at home seeing so many others who love cute stationery, too!! I was so excited and knew I wanted to make stickers!!  I was gifted a tablet that Christmas and started learning how to digitally design.

Being a Marine wife, there was a period where I felt like I was either a mom or a spouse. I loved taking care of my family, but I did have an empty spot in my heart where I needed something just for me. The missing piece was HNIS. My artistic journey was a new little baby that I was so passionate about & it’s been an amazing journey thus far. I am so thankful for all the friendships and connections I’ve made throughout my shop journey and cannot wait to continue towards my dreams.

HNIS offers original art that is designed to make you smile and feel good. Often times when I feel sad, I sketch out ideas and turn those rainclouds into rainbows. At the end of the day, I’m just a mama reminding you that you’re worth more than gold and that you deserve cute things. Remember, there is only one YOU and you are magic.

Giving you the biggest hugs!!! Let’s glow! 😊 XO – Savvy